Does the Free Shipping offer apply to all regions?

Yes, Free Shipping is valid for all regions in which we ship.

Do we deliver orders globally?

Yes, we deliver worldwide. Except Russia, Israel, and APO/FPO addresses if you have any other questions, email us support@thecelebjackets.com

How much time does shipping take?

It takes about 5 to 10 working days and may be extended to 15 days in case of distant deliveries.


How can I pay for the product I want to purchase?

PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Pay are all acceptable forms of payment. We employ SSL encryption. Check out to ensure that you can pay without worrying.

Why my payment is declined?

The following factors could be the reasons for the rejection of your payment:

Inaccurate phone number and billing address:

Check that the shipping address on your account matches the one on the payment method.

Limit on credit card reached:

Verify the limit of your credit card. Lower daily spending limits might work, or you might apply for a new credit or debit card with a bigger credit limit.

The number on credit or debit card:

Verify that all the information on credit cards is accurate and current.

The expiry date for a credit or debit card:

Check your debit or credit card’s expiration date. Update your credit or debit card if it has expired.

PayPal account doesn’t have enough funds:

If you have PayPal mentioned as your payment method, be sure there are enough funds there.

How can I apply discount vouchers?

You can use the given code at the checkout when placing your order. Be ensure to write in CAPS.


What is your return policy?

We care about our customers and it is always our first priority to facilitate you in every single way. In any case, you change your mind or due to any other possible reason, you need a refund, we do provide it. Refunds will be assembled for all commodities in initial unused condition within 30 days of the date of shipment. please visit our Return and Exchange Policy.

What if the size doesn't fit me?

If the size doesn’t fit, we will send a replacement to you OR we can refund you. Please inform us at support@thecelebjackets.com 

What should I do if a damaged item is shipped with my order?

We try our best to resolve this issue at our earliest possible. as you notice a problem with the order and complete pictorial descriptions of the faulty product. Please inform us at support@thecelebjackets.com or Or submit your inquiry at Contact Us

Once the information has been confirmed, we’ll respond in a few days and send you another item as soon as possible.